Rope Lights

Rope Lights

Are you hosting a party, a wedding or a special occasion and you need decorative lighting? Then you would not go wrong using rope lights; the decorative possibilities of rope lights are almost endless, and the catch is, they are easy to install too; all you need to do is pull the kit out of the packaging, screw the ends together and you are done!

Besides the temporary installation like you have during a party, you can go all out with a permanent installation like under cabinet lighting, deck lighting or even decorating a retail space or restaurant with a rope light spool. A rope light spool can be cut into a smaller length of your choosing and connected to controllers, allowing you to decorate your space just any how you want.

Rope Lights: where they are most suitable.

What’s there not to like about rope lights? They are cheap, easy to install and are available in energy-efficient LED format. And there are different variations to how you can use rope lights around the house. In your bedroom, it can serve the purpose of making your room glow by installing it as a backlight on your headboard.

Do you want to improve the ambiance of light on your balcony? Then try installing rope light on your balcony rail. As for the stairs, you can light the stairs up with rope light by installing them on the stair rail.
When you want to do decorative party lighting, you know the light to use – rope lights. You can almost do any decoration you want with rope lights, they are flexible and versatile, and they can add color to your party venue.

Also, rope lights are suitable for use around your swimming pool; it will add a glow to your pool area at night.

With rope light, you can light up your kitchen cabinets, and the catch is, you can install it yourself.

Rope lights are the most extensively used outdoor lighting solutions on the market; giving selective light coverage throughout your property. You may see these lights in festive areas such as weddings or parties but these are used a lot throughout the holiday season, most notably at Christmas to decorate houses throughout the world.

There are many multi-colored ones which may also be waterproof, dust proof and more. Rope lights are essentially an array of LED lights together in a plastic tubing, giving them more durability and less bendability, making them perfect even in places like swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

The quality of these lights depends on the tubes used, and with so many on the market, you may get confused when it comes to which one to get. Our compiled list gives you the bestsellers on the market so you can decide which one of them fits your needs.

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