There are ceiling lights that provide illumination to a room, but none combines the functionality of providing light and beautifying a room so well as chandeliers. They are compelling! In fact, on a lighter note, chandeliers offer you a more compelling reason to look up at the ceiling. And there is more; chandeliers are a smarter way of expressing style, elegance, personality, as well as illumination.

As a prevalent type of ceiling light, chandeliers offer the opportunity to play with the scale and dimension of space. Modern chandeliers, typically regarded as round fixtures are more appropriate for small rooms while linear suspension lighting with a rectangular shape is ideal for larger areas or suspended over a kitchen island.

Fitting chandeliers into your room design.

Chandeliers can hang just about anywhere in your house. Though most people use them for entry and foyer lighting, dining room lighting or kitchen lighting, no one can stop you from hanging a decorative chandelier anywhere in your house. In the entryway, a chandelier makes a striking design statement that will leave an impression on your guests. If placed over the dining table, you will love the illumination a chandelier provides for casual or intimate parties.

In the kitchen, the chandelier does not disappoint. While some kitchen islands benefit from the use of a cluster of mini pendant lights, a linear suspension will provide optimal lighting coverage from a single source. Even in the bedrooms where there is enough ceiling space, you can use chandeliers to give the room that touch of beauty and elegance.

Finally, chandeliers come in designs like contemporary, transitional, purely functional, retro-inspired and much more. Depending on your interior design plan, you never go wrong with chandeliers, and as long as you have enough space in the room, you are guaranteed to be happy with its decorative impact.

The kinds of lights which have been used throughout the ages, which give optimal light coverage throughout the room it’s installed in, while giving an elegant, look. Its purpose is to be visually pleasing as well as fit into any room, and be the centrepiece, atop of every conversation that takes place in the room.

Chandeliers are the most elegant solution to your lighting problems. There are a lot of different designs to choose from, as well as many companies pushing their product with no mind to build quality. If you’re looking for a slew of top-quality products, which are just right for you, check our compiled list below.

There are so many chandeliers to choose from that you may end up going giving in and going for any rustic or modernistic product you find, which may or may not be quality-assured and rated to last.

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