Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades

When it comes to adding colour to your room, the little things go a long way, and one of those little things that will instantly have a great impact on your room is lamp shades. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of upgrading your room with lamp shades; with the right lamp shade, your room can wear a whole new look.

Since a lamp shade will significantly impact the outlook of your room, choosing the right lamp shade for your room will require a lot of thoughts and The below factors are to be considered before buying a new lamp shade:

• Check for the filter: every lamp shade comes with a filter and lamp shade filter is everything. And the catch is, filters are not interchangeable, so, you have to ensure that you buy the filter that matches the existing one on your lamp.

• Size: the size of the lamp shade you are going to buy is critical. Ensure that you do not go for too small or too large. In fact, strike a balance in size by choosing shades that is 2-3 inches shorter than the lamp base.

• Shape: One feature that makes any lampshade stand out is its shape, and you have to ensure that you go for a shape that matches the one you’re a replacing or at least give your room a fresh look you want.

Finally, little things make a big impact on the outlook of any room. When lamp shades are properly combined, it will go a long way to complement the interior design of your room. At the same time, it can serve a decorative function too.

Lamp shades come in different shapes and sizes; depending on the intended use, the size of any lampshade may be from the size of your hand all the way to the size of a printer. Their general purpose is to spread and defuse light, which makes it much easier for anyone to see.

There are a lot of different options available, some are designed to be used in bedroom and others in the drawing room. Get a classy, and elegant look for your house by choosing the lamp shades which suit you best.

There are a lot of different lampshade types available on the market today, and you may get confused with so many different types. We have compiled a list of the bestselling and the most popular ones on the market, which will allow you to make a decision much faster and get the best possible product for your money.

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