Wi-Fi Enabled Bulbs, lohas wifi a60, lohas wifi a60 b22

Wi-Fi Enabled Bulbs

WiFi enabled bulbs are the latest and greatest when it comes to lighting your home. These bulbs are very popular among people who want complete control over their lighting needs, with a slew of different configurations available, these bulbs fit into the room décor perfectly.

Generally speaking, these wifi enabled bulbs are either controlled by an included remote or by your smartphone and have a few built in functions which allow it to do different effects such as strobe. There are also ones which have different hues under a single bulb frame letting you get the most out of it.

There are a lot of these type bulbs by a lot of different manufacturers, if you’re having trouble choosing the best ones, we have compiled a list which is based off of the most popular as well as the best selling ones on the market today.

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